Personal Data

Personal Data

Statement Regarding the Protection of Personal Data

The Tourism House of Picardy Wallonia is a nonprofit organisation which is located at Quai Saint-Brice, 35, 7500 Tournai (BE), Belgium, and is hereinafter referred to by means of the words “we”, “us” and “our”. We publish and operate the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). In this Statement Regarding the Protection of Personal Data, the references to “you” mean any and all persons who send data either to us, or to our agent, or to the website.

If you have any comments or suggestions, whether positive or negative, we would be grateful that you send them to us via email, using the address

The protection of personal data is an issue concerning trust, and we very much hope that you trust us. We respect your private life. All use of personal data such as your name and other information concerning you is carried out in compliance with the provisions of law which are applicable as regards this matter, and is set out in this Statement Regarding the Protection of Personal Data. We only ask you for your details when it is necessary to do so (for example, your postal address to send your order on the Website).

You can visit our online shop without having to provide personal data. You stay anonymous for the whole of your visit and we cannot identify you at any time.

Collection and general use made of data

We record and use your personal data to process your order. We thus may require that you provide us with your name, email address, postal address, delivery address (if this is different than your postal address).

This information and data concerning you is necessary to handle your order and also to enable us to improve and to personalise the services we offer to you and likewise the information (for example product offerings) which you may request. We also use the information you provide us with to check and to carry out financial transactions in relation to your online payments; to assist with the downloading of data from our website; to improve the presentation and/or the content of the pages of our website and to adjust them to users; to identify visitors to our website; to carry out research on the characteristics of users; to send you information that we believe may be useful to you or that you requested from us, notably information regarding our products and our services, provided that you indicated to us that you did not object to us contacting you for such purposes. If you would no longer like to receive sales and tourist information from us, you are free to request this, at no cost and at any time, by unsubscribing from our emails (“Unsubscribe” link at the end of an email) or by sending an email to

We may have cause to send your name and address to third parties (our delivery service providers or our suppliers, for instance) in order to send you goods.

The payment procedures you carry out on the website are carried out by us. It is a requirement that the details you provide us with, to us or on the website, are accurate and do not give rise to confusion, and that you notify us when they change.

Third parties and links

In accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), personal data can only be stored and processed for the purposes defined in these competition rules, and only for the duration of the competition.

All the information about how data is stored and processed can be obtained directly from the ASBL Maison du Tourisme de Wallonie Picarde (Data Controller) and/or the Data Controller that it appoints, at the address

The owners of personal data stored and processed will also have the right to correct this data at any time, as well as the right to delete it, by request – in the knowledge that, in the latter case, this right to delete will result in elimination from the competition if it is invoked before the deadlines for the prize draw.

Lastly, it is specifically stipulated that the ASBL Maison du Tourisme de Wallonie Picarde will in no way be able to broadcast the personal data collected without the prior consent of its owners, unless required to do so by a jurisdiction or to fulfil commitments outside the scope of ordinary law.

To find out more about this law, you can consult the Official Journal of the European Union online:


It is not necessary to authorise the use of cookies in your web browser to gain access to our website. However, use of the “basket” feature and the ordering of goods are not possible if cookies are not enabled. Cookies are small files which enable our server to identify your computer as a unique user when you visit certain pages of the website and they are saved by your web browser to your hard disk. Cookies can be used in the aim of recognising your IP address and of saving you time when you are on the website or when you want to visit it.

You can restrict the use of cookies by selecting the relevant settings in your web browser, but this will restrict the use you can make of the website. Please be assured that our use of cookies does not contain any personal or private data and that our cookies are virus-free. If you want more information on cookies, visit the website, and to learn about how to delete them from your web browser, go to the page

Secure data transfer

Personal data is transferred in an encrypted form when you place orders and when you log in. When we collect data on the website, we collect your personal data using a secure server. Our servers are equipped with firewalls.

We have mechanisms which provide physical, electronic and procedural protection as regards the collection of, the storage of and access to your personal data. Our security procedures may occasionally give rise to us asking you for a proof of identity before we provide personal data to you. You are responsible for protecting against unauthorised access to your password and your computer.


By providing your data the website, you consent to us using your personal data in the fashion set out in this Statement Regarding the Protection of Personal Data.